Why are Westerners looked down upon by Chinese people in China, recently?



Gabriel ChanThe view on Westerners are influenced by the view on the West, which has not been so greatly lately… Brexit, Trump, etc.Westerners also get preferential treatment and some are “losers back home” whose less desirable attributes eventually surface but still get the preferential treatment that they don’t deserve, leading to resentment towards them which may spread to a wider stereotype.


John LombardI’m sorry, but what the hell are you talking about?I’ve been in China 23 years. Still live here. I interact with Chinese on a daily basis, both professionally (business) and socially (bars, social events, etc.). And I haven’t experienced anything even remotely like “Westerners being looked down on” in China. At least, not any more so than at any point in the past 23 years (and quite a bit better than 23 years ago, when many people still believed that Westerners were “foreign devils”).Nor do I know any other foreigners here who feel this way.Perhaps you can expand on what exactly it is that led you to conclude that this is happening?


Aaron CaiI always believe misunderstandings could be eliminated by communicating.Sorry, I didn't noticed there is this “fashion” and it suddenly becomes significant in general recently. The data suggests the foreign residents in China are keeping increasing and Confucius institution has been keeping increasing its reaches, it's a mutual way of learning each other.From what I have seen in quora, the number of provocative questions and answers regarding China are highly related to live affairs, the last case is Trump's tweets.We (Chinese) are still on our way to regain some national and cultural confidence since we lost it in the past, in total, I don't think we have already got cocky and started looking down upon other people.So, it's OK.


Gary SandsDuring my six years in Shanghai (2006–2012) I met some Chinese who looked down on some foreigners for drinking too much in public, doing drugs, getting in fights with locals and for dating/sleeping with Chinese girls. Some of these instances were splashed across Chinese media, such as the foreigners selling drugs near the Bus Bar in central Beijing.But I wouldn’t generalize (like in your question), other than to say some foreigners are looked down upon for their misbehavior, just as in any country.


Thushara Subasinghe6+ years in China, have never seen westerners being looked down upon. They are highly celebrated; top selection if you lined up to job interview for English teaching. No need saying, it is same when they are dating with locals.However, due to Donald Trump and his comments on China, perhaps a temporary wave is going here. It happens sometime. Social media and mainstream media can influence these guys bit.However, in general westerners are doing well here.


Alfred W CroucherChina is again entering into a nationalist period in which China will resume the profile of a great power anxious to spread her influence. As a result foreigners are beginning to be regarded as surplus too requirements. Foreign invested schools are being bought by local education groups and wages being equalized to local rates.Now it may be said that a lot of modestly talented foreigners are banging around China seeking their fortune. Indeed, even myself, a modest MBA, can readily gain employment as a university lecturer, whereas anywhere else I would need a PhD and twenty publications as an absolute minimum. And we are paid significantly more than locals with good overseas degrees.Places like Shanghai too are replete with adventurers trying to get rich quick by buying visas and keeping a low profile. The local resentment of the very privileged positions we foreigners occupy, especially in the education sector, is palpable and barely disguised. I am aware that Chinese are mostly generous hosts and give us better conditions because they know we're are used to a soft life whereas locals can be asked to “eat bitterness”吃苦。