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A Harry Potter-themed mobile phone game has become a hit in the Chinese market following its launch on Thursday, with millions of players posting pictures of the Hogwarts castle and Sorting Hat on social media. 一款以《哈利·波特》为主题的手游9月9日上线后,在国内市场引起轰动,数百万玩家在社交媒体上分享了霍格沃茨城堡和分院帽的图片。

"Harry Potter Magic Awakened" is a game produced by NetEase and fans can try the Sorting Hat to see which of the four houses one belongs to, team up for potion and other classes, explore the wizarding world and compete for the House Cup.《哈利·波特:魔法觉醒》手游由网易制作,游戏中玩家可以尝试分院帽,看看自己属于四个学院中的哪个学院,组队参加魔药课和其他魔法课程,探索魔法世界,角逐学院杯。







The gamer's offer is not delivered by an owl, but by Hagrid — exactly how Harry received his offer.玩家的“入学通知”不是由猫头鹰投递,而是和哈利收到的方式一样:由海格亲自送达。





Instead of encountering the Weasleys, the gamers meet Harry Potter at the 9 platform, who then offers advice about Hogwarts life.在九又四分之三站台,玩家不会遇到韦斯莱一家,而是会碰到哈利·波特,他会对你在霍格沃茨的生活提出忠告。






Not all fans are satisfied, as some found the setting of the game had distorted the essence of the original novel.并不是所有的粉丝都感到满意,因为有些人发现游戏的设定扭曲了原著的精髓。



There were three unforgivable curses in the Harry Potter world - Cruciatus, which causes unbearable pain, Imperius, which allows the user to control the actions of the victim, and Avada Kedavra, that causes instant death.在《哈利·波特》世界中有三个不可饶恕咒语——造成难以忍受的痛苦的“钻心咒”、允许使用者控制受害者行为的“夺魂咒”和导致瞬间死亡的“阿瓦达索命咒”。

But in the game, the killing curse is an easy-to-get card as long as the gamer is willing to spend a bit of money.但在游戏中,只要玩家愿意花点钱氪金,就可以轻松得到索命咒的卡牌。



The Unforgivable Curses in Harry Potter are some of the most powerful and dangerous spells of the Dark Arts, and were classified as “unforgivable” in 1717. 在《哈利·波特》中,不可饶恕咒是最强大、最危险的黑魔法咒语,1717年被归为“不可饶恕”咒语。

The use of any of these on another human, whether muggle or wizard, was punished with a life sentence in Azkaban, but that never stopped Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters from using them constantly. 无论是对麻瓜还是巫师使用这类咒语,都会被判处无期徒刑,关押在阿兹卡班。但这并没有阻止伏地魔和食死徒们使用它们。

In order to successfully use any of them, the caster must have great willpower, skill, and desire to use them for malevolent purposes. 要想驾驭这些咒语,施咒者必须拥有强大的意志力、技能和作恶的欲望。


The Cruciatus Curse (crucio)is used for torturing, as it inflicts excruciating pain on the recipient, and the damage depends on the desires and purposes of the caster. The pain can be such that it can kill, cause amnesia, or drive the person to madness, which is what happened to Alice and Frank Longbottom at the hands of Barty Crouch Jr, Rodolphus, Rabastan, and Bellatrix Lestrange.钻心咒用于折磨,因为它会给被施咒者带来极大痛苦,伤害取决于施咒者的欲望和目的。疼痛可能会导致死亡、失忆或精神失常,就如弗兰克和爱丽丝在小巴蒂·克劳奇、罗道夫斯·莱斯特兰奇、拉巴斯坦·莱斯特兰奇和贝拉特里克斯·莱斯特兰奇手下的遭遇那样。The Imperius Curse (imperio) is used for mind control or hypnosis, leaving the victim in a trance state and extremely vulnerable to the caster’s commands. It is possible to resist this curse, but it’s very difficult, and only a few have learned and succeeded in resisting, including Barty Crouch, Barty Crouch Jr, and Harry Potter himself.夺魂咒用于精神控制或催眠,被施咒者会处于恍惚状态,极易受施咒者命令的影响。这种咒语是可以抵抗的,但是非常困难,只有少数人学会并成功做到了,其中包括巴蒂·克劳奇、小巴蒂·克劳奇和哈利·波特本人。

Finally,the Killing Curse (avada kedavra), which causes immediate, painless death. It has no counter-curse and can’t be blocked by most magical means, but it can be deflected, dodged, or blocked with solid objects. Harry Potter and Voldemort (thanks to his horcruxes) are the only ones known to have survived this curse.最后是索命咒,它会导致没有痛苦的立即死亡。索命咒没有破解咒语,大多数魔法都无法阻挡,但它可以被偏转、闪避或用物体阻挡。哈利·波特和伏地魔(多亏了他的魂器)是已知的唯一在索命咒下逃生的人。



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